Map submissions

Six eyes painted on stones left around ‘Stonehouse’ mapping the route of a daily exercise route during lockdown.  Meant to be intriguing and friendly, the eyes were described on social media as ‘creepy’ and ‘terrifying’.


I got to know my local area in a whole new way during lockdown, taking routes I had never taken before.  Once I discovered a favourite tree, however, I contrived every journey to pass it. This piece honours that tree, and the peace it gave me during a difficult time. I love using salvaged materials and reclaimed paint in my work – and I was delighted to discover that the Mini door had been painted yellow and red at one stage in it’s life, so I was able to reveal that story too, by gently sanding back the shapes.” Caroline Jaine 


Our whole household has been shielding for the entire lockdown, so I have mapped our sideboard of houseplants . Its been great to spend time really looking at each of them.” Dominique Farmer

Dominique Farmer


Follow the pink dots for Hannah’s lockdown route, Rodborough

Hannah McDonnell


So, to start the ball rolling, here is our first submission. A coalition of species, set within the back garden of a terrace house.

Without the constant thrum of traffic and given the time to consider and care for our external spaces, it is astonishing how quickly nature is welcomed back into the human realm. It is a small step en route to a closer relationship and shared existence of species.

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